Iran dispatches 1st wheat cargo to Oman

Seyed Mohammadreza Mortazavi made the announcement asserting “the measure indicates that Iran is capable of exporting large volumes of wheat to Persian Gulf littoral countries.”
“Given the held negotiations and the continuing trend in sales of Iranian wheat, the deal with Oman can mark beginning of future contracts with other world countries,” he continued.
The official underlined that the country enjoys the capacity to export two million tons of wheat in the current year (began March 21) and has no need for imports of the product; “with careful planning, Islamic Republic of Iran can turn into a giant exporter of wheat and flour.”
Mortazavi also pointed to dispatching of small and big flour consignments to Iraq reiterating that the country possesses great potentials for exporting the product to neighboring states.
He reminded that Iran’s agricultural crops are being exported directly to more than 30 countries.